World Economic Forum in Geneva

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy presenting at the World Economic Forum offices in Geneva, Switzerland

“You are the asset. Invest in cultivating your mind and understanding your nervous system, and you will access new levels of energy, creativity, insight and compassion. That is the foundation of communication, leadership, innovation, resilience and exponential growth in business and as humans.”

– Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

In October 2022, I was delighted to teach Mind PWR™: Breath & Meditation Techniques To Activate Your Highest Self in Geneva, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum corporate offices for the Young Global Leaders Alumni Summit. The program was reportedly one of the most popular sessions during the three-day event with a wide range of leaders (CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders, politicians, artists).  Breathing is the gateway to mind control.  Mind PWR™ offers specialized breathing and meditation practices to modulate the nervous system for greater calm, clarity, focus, insight and mental sharpness.  From alternate nostril breathing to candle gazing, participants walked away with a toolkit of practical techniques to proactively manage their energy.

In 2009, I was honored to be named a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum recognizing my “professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential for shaping the future of the world.”  Since then, I’ve participated in exclusive Forums with CEOs, presidents of countries and leaders in Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Morocco, Myanmar, South Africa, Tanzania and Switzerland, including being a Discussion Leader for the Annual Meeting in Davos.  An early champion of mindfulness for the Forum, I led the first meditation for our YGL 2010 Annual Summit in Tanzania.  Sharing my own story of transformation, I helped inspire the “Protect the Asset” theme now incorporated into each YGL Summit.  I’ve also taught yoga at various YGL Summits around the world, including teaching global leaders on a private segment of The Great Wall of China.  

If you’re interested in a program for your organization, reach out to collaborate.  It can be a keynote, an introductory workshop or a multi-week training tailored to your audience.  Private coaching is also available. Now is the time to power up your life! 

Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy.

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