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Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy leading Mind PWR program at Harvard Business School

In October 2022, I was honored to teach Mind PWR™: Breath & Meditation Techniques To Activate Your Highest Self at Harvard Business School during my 30th reunion (MBA class of 1992).  It was great to be back on the beautiful Cambridge campus.  The program was held at the Class of 1959 Chapel, a cylindrical, copper-clad main building with an adjacent glass pyramid.  It is used as a place for quiet contemplation, as well as for non-denominational services, ceremonies, and concerts.  It was perfect for our program.

Mind PWR™ offers specialized breathing and meditation practices to modulate the nervous system for greater calm, clarity, focus, insight and mental sharpness. The program was very well received by a wide range of leaders.  I was delighted to see so many people from the earlier HBS classes in attendance.  From alternate nostril breathing to candle gazing, participants walked away with a toolkit of practical techniques to proactively manage their energy.  The turnout and level of participation confirmed that these tools are needed regardless of age, occupation or career stage — from recent graduate and stay-at-home mom to seasoned entrepreneur and retired CEO.

If you’re interested in a program for your organization, reach out to collaborate.  It can be a keynote, an introductory workshop or a multi-week training tailored to your audience.  Private coaching is also available.  Now is the time to power up your life! 

Contributed by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy.

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