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What do you get when you cross a Harvard MBA, Master Coach, Holistic Health Counselor and Yoga Teacher? Success from the inside out!

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Ph.D., MBA, CHHC, RYT (“Dr. Kennedy” or “Terri”) has been transforming lives and powering up audiences around the world for over twenty years tapping into her unique multi-disciplinary background and real-world experience as a corporate executive, C-suite advisor, entrepreneur, wellness expert and yoga/meditation teacher. She understands the journey of the high-performing professional and has personally experienced it all… from success to near death to exponential transformation. Using her deep toolkit, she helps people clarify their purpose, shift their mindset, optimize their health, supercharge their energy, be present for joy, and use their gifts to be a catalyst for positive change in the world. Founder of the first yoga studio in Harlem, she served as the first African American Chair of the Board and Interim CEO of Yoga Alliance, was one of the first African Americans featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, and was featured in Oprah’s book, Live Your Best Life! Called “smart with a heart,” she was selected as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

True power is not defined by how much control you have over OTHERS, but how much control you have over your SELF. It’s not about how many things you ACQUIRE; it’s about how many people you INSPIRE.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Her “Superpower” is Communication

Terri’s passion is to light people up from within so they can recognize their own unlimited potential and vitality. She has coached thousands of client-hours and led hundreds of transformational programs across the globe. She also loves moderating thought-provoking conversations and has done so at places like the United Nations, the World Government Summit in Dubai and the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Most of all, she is a student of life – always remaining curious and in awe of the power each and every one of us has to co-create our own realities and positively affect the world.

Ways To Collaborate

From keynotes, workshops and yoga/meditation/breathwork sessions to brand partnerships, consulting and media commentary, Terri can bring energy and expertise to your organization or next project. She is also an award-winning author.


Brand Partnerships

Media Contributing

Success is a feeling, not a one-time event. It is a feeling of accomplishment you can experience every day depending on your intention. Stress is a perception, not a permanent reality. Every day you can choose success over stress.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

Featured Course

The Power Living® Detox

Power up with clarity and energy to fulfill your destiny.

Do you sometimes get “brain fog”? Do you ever experience fatigue? Is your immune system strong enough to thrive through the next pandemic?  It may be time to detox.  Every time you take a breath, eat commercial food, or use consumer electronics, personal care products, or household products, you are exposing yourself to dangerous toxins.  This digital course has 52 plant-based recipes, extensive video-based modules, 21 days of email support and so much more!

Spreading Good In The World…

Terri has used her expertise in business, communications and wellness to spread good in the world. As a social initiative of her company Power Living, she funded the Tao Brand-Legacy Project and spent over a decade traveling with yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch. They co-wrote two award-winning books and did 66 events in 10 countries, including programs at the Pentagon and United Nations. When her aunt was being exploited under a predatory guardianship, she launched Elder Dignity. She is also a National Spokesperson for the American Heart Association.

Power Living

TRANSFORMING people with wellness, mindfulness and empowerment content

The Tao Experience

AMPLIFYING the brand and legacy of yoga master & historical icon Tao Porchon-Lynch

Elder Dignity

ADVOCATING for elder rights and guardianship reform in the U.S.

Become A Part Of Our Global Community

Although she is American, Terri was born in Accra, Ghana and started school in Adelaide, Australia. She has traveled to 50 countries and led programs in places like Dubai, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Canada, India, United Kingdom, The Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, Slovenia, Montenegro and Switzerland, and has worked with people like Dr. Deepak Chopra and spiritual leader Sadhguru.

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