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Over 20 years of powering up audiences around the world

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy is training conscious change agents to transform how we live, work and inhabit the planet through her signature mindfulness-based programs – Power Living®, Embodied Success®, The Gandhi Effect®, and the immersive Blissful Vibrations® experiences around the world

World Government Summit in Dubai

Dynamic Speaker & Expert Moderator

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy is seasoned at sharing game-changing tools and one-of-a-kind experiences for a wide variety of professional and consumer events – from offering insights to the Young Executives Society in Slovenia and teaching Mind PWR™ techniques to alumni at Harvard Business School to inspiring women in Chile for the Estée Lauder Global Breast Cancer Campaign. She has even taught yoga to global leaders on a private section of The Great Wall of China. She is also expert at moderating thought-provoking events at places like the United Nations, Lead With Love Aspen, Core Club New York, World Government Summit in Dubai, as well as being a Discussion Leader at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Called “smart with a heart,” she has an informed, personable and interactive style incorporating the latest research as well as movement and mindfulness techniques into her talks. Below are sample topics. With each program tailored, she can deliver the message you need. 


Embodied Success®: Master Yourself for Greater Authenticity, Presence & Impact

Master the mind and energy for greater focus, creativity, presence, resilience, and impact enabling you to show up more authentically, communicate more powerfully, supercharge productivity, build trust and influence, and be a catalyst for positive change in the world.

How much of your potential are you embodying? How well do you harness the power of your mind? Does your presence match your intention? Does your impact match your vision? The real secret to fulfillment and success is knowing WHO you are and BEING who you are… fully. With Artificial Intelligence imitating and automating just about everything, the AUTHENTIC YOU is the asset and the ability to inspire others is the amplifier. Just as Emotional Intelligence was a groundbreaking concept in the 90s, Embodied Success® is unleashing potential and turning people into powerful change agents. In this program:

  • Be inspired by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy’s journey from success to near death to exponential transformation.
  • Learn the framework and core pillars of the Embodied Success® system.
  • Discover the path to authentic success, intuitive decision-making, and whole-brain leadership.
  • Practice “state-shifting” for mental mastery and skillful emotional regulation.
  • Harness embodiment techniques to align thoughts, emotions and actions for greater impact.
  • Apply proven techniques to communicate with magnetic presence and speaking power, and build trust and influence.
Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy
Harvard Business School in Cambridge, MA

This interactive program is designed for leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers to give them tools to be a leader in their own lives and lead others more effectively. Book a keynote to provide an overview of Embodied Success® OR do a deeper dive into one of the foundation topics (e.g., Mind PWR, Magnetic Presence, and PWR Leadership) in a workshop. We can also provide the comprehensive Embodied Success® Master Training to your team in a multi-week or multi-day format.

Mind PWR™

How skillful do you respond to challenges? How well do you shift from being distracted or stressed to being focused or calm? How well you manage yourself is the X factor in sustainable success. In this program, participants will learn how to “state shift” – shift their mind and emotions from a low-energy state to high using breath, movement, mindset, and meditation techniques. They will also learn ways to focus the mind and harness the brain for greater clarity, insight and creativity.

Magnetic Presence

How much are you leveraging the power of presence in working with clients, closing deals, collaborating and communicating with stakeholders? In this program, participants will up-level their presence and speaking power. They will learn key communication techniques, as well as the basics of the nervous system and embodiment, including body language skills, that will make an instant difference in their presence in a room or on screen.

PWR Leadership

How authentic and agile is your leadership approach? Authentic leaders build genuine relationships by cultivating trust and fostering a positive environment. They are able to achieve “Purpose With Results” by holding true to a higher vision while inspiring others to succeed. In this program, participants will learn about the power of self-awareness, mindfulness and neuroscience in optimizing their potential, and receive a framework for a whole-brain approach to authentic PWR leadership.


The Gandhi Effect®: Transform Yourself & The World Around You

Apply mindfulness principles and tools to social change and learn the fundamentals of mindful leadership, nonviolent communication and compassion.

In 2010, at the World Economic Forum in Tanzania, Klaus Schwab challenged the Young Global Leaders to visualize their personal model of change. That sparked Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy (YGL ’09) to map out “The Gandhi Effect” with a basic premise: in order to lead others, you must first be a leader in your own life AND individual transformation drives social change. In 2011, she debuted The Gandhi Effect® workshop to a standing-room-only audience at the Newark Peace Education Summit which was hosted by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. She also arranged for her teacher/mentor Yoga Master Tao Porchon-Lynch to be on the opening panel with the Dalai Lama, as well as a special guest for her workshop.  She has since led the program around the world – from Kansas City to Hong Kong.

Using the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi as the backdrop, Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy will share insights and practical tools for personal transformation, mindful leadership and nonviolent communication. Gandhi believed that all people can shape and guide their lives according to the highest ideals, and that personal change and the ability to bring about social change are linked. Through intention and conscious action, we can collectively prepare the ground for “the world of tomorrow” today. In this interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Learn insights from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, including Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy’s lessons from her mentor Tao Porchon-Lynch who knew and marched with Gandhi.
  • Practice techniques and strategies for setting up their own “experiments with Truth” and creating “zones of peace” in their lives through tools such as breath control and meditation.
  • Explore concepts such as nonviolence and mindfulness, and use language to bring connection and compassion to all of their relationships.
  • Align personal values with opportunities for social impact, and practice ways to support their work as change agents.
Featured workshop at Newark Peace Education Summit hosted by the Dalai Lama

This interactive program is designed for social change agents to cultivate resilience, deepen self-awareness, and build more effective communication strategies to lead change. They will learn how to apply these techniques to modern-day situations and use them as tools for more energy, productivity, creativity, joy, prosperity and peace in their own lives. Participants will walk away inspired and informed — ready to make a positive impact. Book a keynote to provide an overview of The Gandhi Effect® OR do a deeper dive in a workshop. We can also provide The Gandhi Effect® Training to your team in a multi-week or multi-day format.


Power Living®: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose

Apply mindfulness principles to self-optimization and align your life spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and environmentally so you live a purposeful and powerful life.

How aligned is your life with your Purpose? Do you have the clarity and energy to fulfill your destiny? Power Living® is a mindfulness-based personal growth and transformation program based on the 2006 book, 40 Days to Power Living: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose. This highly inspirational talk will inspire you to step into your innate power, align your life along five key dimensions, and systematically create self-care habits to support fundamental wellbeing. In this program:

  • Be inspired by Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy’s journey from success to near death to exponential transformation.
  • Learn the five principles of Power Living® and the core practices of energy management.
  • Understand potential blocks to your personal power.
  • Discover simple self-care strategies to build resilience and fundamental wellbeing.
  • Practice simple movements and breath techniques to instantly shift your energy.
  • Be energized and empowered to step into your innate power.
Estée Lauder wellness event in Santiago, Chile

This high-energy program is perfect for health and empowerment events to power up the audience and inspire them to be proactive about their personal growth and wellbeing. Book a keynote to provide an overview of Power Living® OR do a deeper dive into one of the foundation topics (e.g., Stress or Success? It’s Your Choice!, Power Up Your Food, Mindful YOU) in a workshop. For a full experience, add a Breathe & Burn® or Blissful Vibrations® yoga and/or meditation session. In addition, we can provide A Course in Power Living® – a mindfulness-based transformation program – to your group in a multi-week or multi-day format.

Stress or Success?
It’s Your Choice!

How well do you know your own stress profile? What tools do you use to manage negative stress? Stressors are a part of life. How you respond to a situation is your choice. This program offers healthy coping strategies and practical techniques to proactively manage stress. Participants will learn the basic science of stress, assess their own state of being, and practice techniques to calm the mind and nervous system – from breathing and movement to meditation and affirmations. They will walk away recharged and ready to face any situation with confidence and poise.

Power Up Your Food

How well do you fuel your body and mind? What food habits do you have to create sustainable energy? You are what and how you eat. Eating whole foods in a conscious manner can support your physical, mental and emotional health. This program provides the essentials of integrative nutrition to optimize health. Participants will learn the 7 Rules of Power Eating, as well as how to use plant-based food as a “power tool” to charge their energy, change their mood, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, heal dis-ease, lower their toxic load and minimize their footprint on the planet.

Mindful YOU

How present are you in your daily life? How would you benefit from being more responsive versus reactive? Mindfulness is a technique you can learn which involves noticing what’s happening in the present moment, without judgment. It can reduce stress, increase focus, boost working memory, improve cognitive flexibility and decrease emotional reactivity. In this program, learn the scientific benefits of a consistent mindfulness practice and dive into simple breathing and mindfulness techniques for being present and making more conscious life choices that support fundamental wellbeing.


Blissful Vibrations®: Raise The Frequency of your Life

Immerse yourself in high vibration energy to ignite your spirit and manifest your dreams.

Do you want to accelerate the ability to manifest your intentions while toning your body and igniting your spirit? Blissful Vibrations® is an immersive mind-body experience that blends yoga-based movement, breathwork, meditation, mantras and music to raise your vibration and turn your intention into manifestation. This integrated practice and alchemy of tools directs energy through specific channels of the body and works on multiple levels to affect your mental, physical and subtle energy. In the on-the-mat Activate class, participants will:

  • Practice a chakra-based yoga flow based on the chosen intention (e.g., abundance, love, joy, healing).
  • Use specific breath techniques to purify the nervous system and energy channels.
  • Tune the mind through a custom meditation based on the chosen intention.
  • Relax into a deep healing yoga nidra to seal the benefits of the practice.
Featured International headliner for XYoga Dubai

Participants will walk away feeling good and energetically “tuned.” Book a Blissful Vibrations® Keynote to provide an overview of the energetic principles and then add Blissful Vibrations® Activate (yoga session described above) to immerse participants in elevated energy or Blissful Vibrations® Meditate (described below) as an introduction to breathwork and meditation. We also offer Blissful Vibrations® Retreats in transformative places around the world. Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy’s mentor, yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch studied with Polish metaphysics teacher Dr. Roman Ostoja, who lectured at Columbia University and Harvard University in the 1940s and 1950s. He was known for his feats of mind-body control and ability to hypnotize thousands of people. He even attracted the attention and curiosity of scientist Albert Einstein. In talking about success and Cosmic Intelligence, Dr. Ostoja said: “The good life is not a fat bankroll and tranquilizer pills, but ‘blissful vibrations’ which can be attained by anyone. One need only inform oneself about the laws of the Universe and work with them, not against them or independently as most people are doing. When you reach that blissful state you’re in harmony with the Universe and in tune with cosmic vibrations. At one time or another, we all experience this ‘cosmic harmony.’ The trick is to become ‘aware’ and learn how to put yourself in ‘permanent harmony.'” The Blissful Vibrations® system helps you experience cosmic harmony and unleash your innate potential.

Blissful Vibrations® Meditate

Blissful Vibrations® Meditate is an introduction to breathwork and meditation to purify the energy.

Breathe & Burn®

Breathe & Burn® is a yoga flow designed to sweat, stretch and strengthen the body while calming the mind.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a practice that systematically guides your body into deep rest – a state of consciousness between waking and sleep.

What Others Are Saying

Hear from those who have experienced Dr. Kennedy.

“From start to finish, we thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Kennedy. She instantly connected with our 800 participants. Some of them said she was the favorite part of their day. She is very interactive and engaging, offering useful information as well as inspiration. If you want a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker, then I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kennedy.”

Lara Diamond Philips
Sharp HealthCare

“Terri knows exactly how to integrate best practices in positive psychology and coaching with her signature style of inspiration, real-world business expertise and decades of experience with mind-body interventions. She is a truly gifted teacher and facilitator who has a rich toolkit to help clients reach peak performance while remaining balanced. I’ve worked with her on many occasions when I was President of the Coalition of 100 Black Women – Manhattan Chapter and with my company @Play. Whenever I can, I join her programs and/or book her for events. I know she will deliver every time.”

Sonia R. Banks, Ph.D., LCP
Author of Silent Agreements

We love the work you do with our employees – from the breathing and stress management techniques for our company leaders, to the Eat for Life sessions for the team at the distribution center. Thank you.”

Susan M. Schor
Eileen Fisher

“Thank you so much for the power session for our National Sales Meeting. We’ll be in touch for more events.”

Peggy Mazard
Essence Communications, Inc.

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