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Authentic Success

Live an intentional life and define success on your own terms. Let us guide you with our proven framework.

40 Days to Power Living

40 Days to Power Living®: Think, Eat & Live on Purpose

Learn how to craft your divinely appointed life… from the inside out.

This book gives you an accelerated version of the Power Living® coaching program thousands have benefited from around the world since 2003. Align your life and charge your energy along five key dimensions: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and environmental. Benefit from a systematic, easy-to-follow process of becoming more conscious and self-aware. For 40 days, devote 15 minutes of your day to this Practice, and you will be rewarded over a lifetime.


The Power Living® Pledge: An Affirmation for a Purposeful & Powerful Life

Make a promise to your Self to live a purposeful and powerful life every day.

The Power Living® Pledge is an affirmation that acts as a simple reminder of how to be.  It makes a great gift and introduction to Power Living® and/or reinforcement if you’re already familiar with the principles. The book is perfect for groups to use as a centering and motivational tool. It has also been used for youth empowerment programs. Once you direct your mind, you can refocus your energy, align your behavior, and transform your life!

Sustainable Wellness

From what you eat to how you breathe, your lifestyle habits matter. Let us help you create sustainable wellness.


The Power Living® Detox

An integrated body-mind-spirit approach to detoxification.

Do you want more energy, clarity and vitality? Do you sometimes get “brain fog”?  It may be time to detox.  Every time you take a breath, eat commercial food, or use consumer electronics, personal care products, or household products, you are exposing yourself to dangerous toxins.  This digital course has 52 plant-based recipes, extensive video-based modules, 21 days of email support and so much more!


Seven-Day PWR Detox: Cleanse Your Body While Living Your Daily Life

Re-train your taste buds and jumpstart your transformation with this whole person detox.

From a body standpoint, the program focuses on nutritious juices and whole foods you can find in your grocery store. In addition to plant-based recipes, it offers mind-body-spirit approaches to detoxifying from yoga poses and breath techniques to hydrotherapy. Get ready to feel great, look good and step up your energy. Now is the time to detoxify your body, re-focus your mind and renew your spirit!


Power Living® Mini-Escapes: Relaxation Techniques for Any Situation

Relax instantly with these 3- to 12-minute “mini-escapes.”

The most highly productive people have a great sense of balance in their lives. They know when to push hard, and when to ease up. They manage their energy as well as their time. From breath awareness and visualization to meditation and affirmations, this guided audio relaxation program is designed for busy people to provide instant relaxation in almost any circumstance.

Collaboration with Yoga Master Tao Porchon-Lynch

When a Yoga Master asks you to work with her, the only answer is Yes! Tao Porchon-Lynch personally asked Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy and her mother, journalist Janie Sykes-Kennedy, to help her write her life story and that turned into the Tao Brand-Legacy Project – an initiative to share Tao’s inspiration and teachings with the world through a range of experiences, such as “Conversation with a Master,” and products including two award-winning books and two online courses (below).


Master Yoga Course with Tao

Master Course with Tao

In-depth master teachings with Tao Porchon-Lynch.

This master course offers Tao in full action at 96 years old, including her distinct Tango Sun Salutation, Tree Vinyasa, and her popular Shoulder Stand sequence. In addition to the 2 1/2 hour workshop, there are bonus poses, three practice sessions, a posture breakdown, Tao talking about her gurus, and so much more!


Stretch & Relax with Tao

Stretch and Relax with Tao

A targeted course with yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch.

This course with Tao at 96 years old is designed to release muscle tension, relax the nervous system, and renew the mind – from her revitalizing Seated Stretches and calming Forward Bends to her accessible Shoulder Stand on the Wall and restorative Deep Relaxation. It is suitable for all levels.

Dancing Light

Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through the Eyes of a Modern Yoga Master

Come take an adventure through 20th century history, witness fearlessness in action and be inspired to craft a mindful and fulfilled “Tao-like” life.

Yoga master and historical icon Tao Porchon-Lynch inspired millions with her energy and fantastical life story. At a time when we’re talking about mindfulness, we get to witness someone who lived in the present and with a sense of wonder for over a century. Tao’s autobiography, Dancing Light, has won 10 national and international awards and Dr. Deepak Chopra called it “extraordinary.” Take a journey through Tao’s life and be inspired to live to your own highest potential.

Shining Bright

Shining Bright: Quotes and Images to Inspire Optimism, Gratitude & Belief In Your Limitless Potential

Be inspired by 70 of Tao’s favorite quotes matched with original images from her travels.

Tao Porchon-Lynch inspired millions around the world. Her light, along with her words of wisdom, is her present to us.  So, we thought it would be fitting to put her insights in the form of a gift book–just the right size for you to carry with you and be reminded of your own possibilities. The book won the prestigious IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award in the gift category. In many ways, Shining Bright is a love letter to life–an invitation to live fully expressed.

Self-awareness is the greatest healing tool and the foundation to success.

Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy

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