• Teresa Kennedy
    What’s your health credit score?  That was one of my favorite questions that came out of the Black Enterprise Health Is Wealth Retreat in Nashville, TN powered by Walmart.  It was a fun, uplifting and life-affirming experience focused on lifestyle changes to improve physical fitness, daily nutrition, emotional wellness and mental health.  Held
  • Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy leading Mind PWR program at Harvard Business School
    Teresa Kennedy
    In October 2022, I was honored to teach Mind PWR™: Breath & Meditation Techniques To Activate Your Highest Self at Harvard Business School during my 30th reunion (MBA class of 1992).  It was great to be back on the beautiful Cambridge campus.  The program was held at the Class of 1959 Chapel,
  • Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy presenting at the World Economic Forum offices in Geneva, Switzerland
    Teresa Kennedy
    “You are the asset. Invest in cultivating your mind and understanding your nervous system, and you will access new levels of energy, creativity, insight and compassion. That is the foundation of communication, leadership, innovation, resilience and exponential growth in business and as humans.” – Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy In October 2022,

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